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The “Horses in the City” project began as a vision of former mayor Chuck Mills.  The project, part of Shawnee’s centennial celebration, aims to present art to the Shawnee community outside of the normal realms of museums or art galleries.  Businesses or institutions sponsored the horses and commissioned their own artists to create the designs.  There are three designs of horses: standing (Thoroughbred or Arabian), grazing and rearing.  The project encompasses 34 horses, 29 of which are currently placed throughout Shawnee.

Clicking on any of the blue balloons on the map allows you to pinpoint horse locations and receive directions on how to reach the horse.  Clicking on any of the scrolling images above will direct you to a page where you can view pictures and read a brief description of the horse.  Certain horse’s pages include an interview with the horse’s artist. 

The greatest concentration of horses is on Kickapoo Street between 45th and Interstate 40 where five horses: First United Bank, Sonic, Burger King, Buddies and McDonald’s, may be seen along a quarter-mile stretch of road.  This route is ideal if you are short on time but still wish to get a sense of the project.

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